Personal loans for families, mistakes to avoid

In Italy there are many more debts (with interest rates in grueling growth) and far fewer deposits. To disclose these dramatic data, is the report contained in the supplement «Money and Banks» kindly granted by the Astro bank. These numbers shed light on a dramatic change in the management of the money of Italian families. […]

Expiration Continuous Credit

Since the start of the recent economic and financial crisis in the Netherlands in 2008, the landscape of debt and credit has been slowly changing. There are more problematic debts and there are also many people who simply cannot pay off their debts, but people have also started to borrow less. In particular, the revolving […]

$ 500 for the first child – what will you do with the money? will you spend on a regular basis or will you save and invest?

The 500 plus program has aroused a lot of emotion and controversy from the very beginning. He has many supporters and opponents, but ultimately, from April 2016, families with children can count on financial support from the state. Until now, the government has paid monthly child-raising benefits for the second and each subsequent child. From […]